Welcome to Mandolin Tutor

After teaching mandolin for ten years I decided to put this site together as a means of collecting my tuition materials in one place, and to hopefully provide a space for useful thoughts, ideas, and inspiration to find a home for anyone interested in playing the mandolin.

There are already plenty of great resources out there for people looking to learn a traditional instrument, and I encourage all my students to hunt far and wide for advice and information. Here at mandolintutor.com I hope to offer my own take on learning and enjoying the mandolin, keeping lessons clear, simple, and enjoyable, so that you can follow your musical intuition and focus on getting playing.

The basis for the lessons here is traditional, old time and bluegrass repertoire, but many of the techniques work across different genres.


This site is currently, and will always be, under construction. Take a look through the menu and feel free to drop me a message if there's anything you'd like to see included. At present materials are available for beginners, with more intermediate and advanced content coming very soon. 


I also offer tuition over Zoom, Skype, Facetime, video exchange and in person. Head to my contact page for details.

Clark & Zuppardi - Goodbye Liza Jane

The Shackleton Trio - The Stanford

Clark & Zuppardi - Farewell To Cressing

Nic Zuppardi & Nick Wiseman-Ellis - Nina