First Lessons

What is a mandolin? Here we'll take a brief look at the mandolin and learn about the nuts and bolts.

Got to start somewhere! Getting comfortable with tuning the mandolin is an important first step. Here are some tips.

Tablature is a commonly used alternative to sheet music, and is a useful way to read and play your first tunes and exercises.

Here you'll find a brief intro to your first scales.

Good right hand technique can sometimes be overlooked, here's a guide to positioning your right hand and  picking correctly.

Now we've got the hang of picking, let's take a look at those scales again and add some more.

Here you'll find your first chords, with some ideas on accompaniment and playing along with others.

By changing the position of our left hand we can expand the scales up the neck and access more of the mandolin.

Here are some more chords and right hand strumming ideas to add to your playing.

In this lesson we blow the fretboard wide open and introduce position shifts, playing in closed position and playing in multiple keys.

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